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    Black and whiteColorNot sure, please advise

    Not sureLow volume (Less than 3,000 copies/mo.)Medium volume (3,000-10,000 copies/mo.)High volume (10,000-30,000 copies/mo.)Very high volume (30,000+ copies/mo.)

    Letter (8.5 x 11)Legal (8.5 x 14)Ledger (11 x 17)Tabloid (17 x 22)Cover stockOther

    ASAPIn two weeksIn one month or longer


    Small to mid-size business (1-500 employees)Large business (500+ employees)Government agency (Federal, State, or Local)Educational institution (Public or Private)Non-profit organization

    Not sure/noneAccount codesDuplex copyingFull-bleed printing of 11 x 17Sorter/staplerTransparency interleavingOther


    Best Copier Fax for Small Business

    Canon copiers offer multiple business solutions for high volume printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing. Copier is necessary for all the small and large business organizations. If you are starting a new company, you will need all the important equipments such as copier. Before you decided to buy a copier,think about the features you need and you don’t need. Mileage on the ink/toner ,types/sizes of paper trays,security features,machine size and noise output are the important factors before buying a new copier.Also consider the other features such as scanning, emailing or faxing.Canon manufactures release a wide varieties of copiers helpful for many applications.Canon copiers are helpful for small business and large business firms.Canon is one of the companies rated best for ink reliability and quality on the Consumer Search website.Before making a new purchase of copier consider the following facors- print speed, color or black and white printing, and the configuration of the model.Canon copier is a good choice for all other copiers available in the market.

    In the case of a small business application canon image RUNNER ADVANCE C2020 is the best choice. It can print a variety of paper sizes at speeds between 26 cpm-45 cpm. This machine also supports up to 100 user inboxes and can store a large number of sheets up to 6000.This is a Multifunction copiers and it provide the features such as the ability to scan, fax, print or copy, which are all useful functions for small teams of between 10-30 people. Canon Copy Machine is available in analog and digital format. In the case of copier digital revolutions are invented by Canon. Copier is widely used in business, education, and government etc.

    Canon copier hold multiple tasks in a single machine. Speed of a copier is one the important factor in the time of new purchase of copier. In the case of speed canon copier is the best choice. Because the leading canon copier allow the speed of 32-45 pages per minute. Digital copier scan the large amount of document at once and provide multiple copies of them. For a large applications Canon digital copiers are the best selection. Analog copiers, which satisfies average user requirements.

    Important factors for choosing canon copier-It provide the output with accurate and high quality color. A Canon color copier from the image runner series prints at speed up to 23 pages per minutes. This resolution is measured by dpi or dots per inch. The higher the dpi, the better is the photocopier, and the greater is its price. It allows simultaneous copying, printing, scanning, sending and faxing. Automatic duplexing comes as a standard feature and will provide users with the ability to produce two sided documents, saving your small business both time and money. Users have the ability to send documents and images directly to folders on a desktop or shared network drive, as well as fax over the internet. Permission control is also available to track or limit the usage of users. Canon color copier has a standard paper tray holds up to 500 sheets.

    These copiers can also be added to your company’s internal local area network, to provide shared access to multiple users.

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